Motion Table Clinical Evaluation

Clinical Observations Using The Motion Table for Linear Vestibular Stimulation

By Mona Feige PT, MS


Vestibular stimulation has proven to be effective in treatment of neurological disorders. Proper equipment enables benefits during direct therapy sessions and allows caregivers at home, in schools, and other care situations to effectively follow through with therapy programs.

Subjects: Individuals using a commercially available piece of equipment provided feedback on the benefits of use. Testimonial reports were compiled.

Unsolicited anecdotal information was compiled. Trends of benefit of use were identified.

Reportedly, positive benefits were experienced with use of the equipment; negative reactions were minimal. The versatility of the equipment enabled use by individuals with a variety of needs and conditions.

Conclusion and Discussion:
Use of the equipment had a positive, direct correlation with clinical changes in the individuals profiled in this paper. Individuals reported benefits directly related to use of the equipment. Though no formal scientific study has been published to date, use of this equipment has been effective for many individuals. The observations reported are supported by prior research.