Vestibular Motion Table - Shaker Table

Improving Sensory Integration Through Vestibular Stimulation The Motion Table, also known as the "Shaker Table or Vibrating Table", improves the results of therapy sessions and home programming by organizing the nervous system and allowing the user to respond appropriately to the given stimuli. By stimulating the vestibular system, The Motion Table is able to "level out" extreme behaviors caused by a variety of conditions. This unique form of treatment is ideal for children or adults who have:

  • Learning disabilities
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Cerebra vascular accident
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Autism
  • Developmental delay
  • Blindness
  • Sensory impairment
  • Respiratory congestion
  • Colic
  • Sleeping disorders
  • Self-abusive behavior
  • Constipation
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Vestibular stimulation allows many individuals to work far more effectively, often for long periods of time. Until now, there has never been a commercially available device that provides the smooth, horizontal "Vibra-Glide" action of The Motion Table. Many therapists have already found it makes vestibular stimulation more useful than ever before.
Why the Motion Table? A patient can receive valuable therapy even when the therapist is not able to provide individual attention.

Non-motorized equipment requires continual assistance for the patient to benefit from the device. With The Motion Table, a patient can enjoy all the benefits of vestibular stimulation without constant, hands-on intervention. Plus, a patient can receive stimulation for extended periods of time that would be impossible with a manual device.

You can control and adjust the level of motion for optimal, repeatable results

It is virtually impossible to create a smooth, consistent motion with a manual device. The motorized Motion Table provides a precise, variable speed Control Dial that lets you set the exact rate of surface movement. This way, each patient can receive the level of stimulation that helps the most. The Control Dial is also ideal to maintain longterm consistency during research projects.

The Motion Table offers better vestibular stimulation than all other devices

Most equipment combines a horizontal motion with a rounding, swinging or tilting motion. This negates much of the therapeutic effect of the vestibular stimulation. The Motion Table's smooth, completely horizontal "Vibra-Glide" movement maximizes the positive effects of vestibular stimulation therapy.

The optional safety sides minimize the danger of the patient falling off of the table.

The table is so safe that some patients can operate it themselves. The Motion Table comes with a remote switch which the patient can operate if the therapist desires. The table's limited degree of motion makes it virtually harmless. It stands just 8" off the ground, decreasing the danger of injury if the patient falls off. (Optional safety sides, pictured at the right, are also available.) As a result, there is no need for confining safety straps that hinder therapy and add to behavioral problems. Plus, all moving parts are carefully designed for patient safety The Motion table makes therapy sessions more effective for your patient and easier on you.

The Motion Table is wired to accept your current switches, so therapists can use the same controls they are already familiar with. The Institutional Model comes with wheels for easy portability from room to room. And all three models are so well-built that they come with a full 1-year warranty against defects of any kind.

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