Creepster Crawler

Children without head control or the ability to roll over or belly crawl have developed mobility in Redbarn Enterprise's acclaimed Creepster Crawler. It has been beneficial for children with physically limiting conditions including:

  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Spina Bifida
  • Down Syndrome
  • TBI
  • Developmental Delays

Creepster Crawler has been used successfully by children with tracheotomies and G-Tubes. It also can provide a head start to more advanced mobility down the road.

The Creepster Crawler's frame has a padded platform that can support a parent or therapist from above to make it easier to work on weight bearing, weight shifting, reaching and creeping. Ideal for teaching reciprocation. Front shoulder and chest straps can be adjusted for individual fit.


Sizing Specifications

Harness Height
from Floor
Small/Red 21.5" 23" 18.5" 7lbs 12" 8" 3"-10"
Large/Teal 24.5" 23" 22.5" 10lbs 15" 12" 5"-10"

Creepster Crawler Price List

CR-1 Creepster Crawler Small $599.00
CR-2 Creepster Crawler Large $699.00