Love Handles

Because Getting from Here to There Should Be Smooth, Easy and Safe. There are enough challenges in the average day for disabled persons. Assisted mobility shouldn’t be one of them.

That’s why we invented LoveHandles® – the easy, safe, comfortable and dignified way for assisted transport when lifting is required.

LoveHandles feature a comfortable seat insert and sturdy grips that assistants to lift and move persons with confidence while reducing the chance of accidental injuries for everyone involved. With LoveHandles, a once-clumsy task is suddenly quick, smooth and easy!

And LoveHandles are convenient. When not in use, they can be stored and placed out of the way and their carbon frame makes them light and easy to handle. But don’t be fooled – LoveHandles are rugged, sturdy and designed to last a lifetime. In tests conducted through a major university laboratory, Love Handles safely handled loads of up to 250 pounds.

With the easy mobility that LoveHandles provide, disabled individuals can go places and participate in a wider variety of activities than ever before. Whether it’s airplane travel, recreational boating, or just a short trip upstairs, LoveHandles make the journey simple and safe. Also, LoveHandles are an essential safety device, enabling emergency personnel to evacuate disabled people from dangerous situations quickly.

LoveHandles are designed and manufactured in the USA by RedBarn Enterprises, maker of Creepster Crawler, The Motion Table and other innovative products to aid the physically.