Clinical Observations Using The Motion Table for Linear Vestibular Stimulation
Mono Feige PT, MS

Vestibular stimulation has been proven to be a valuable and effective therapy modality. Understanding of the benefits of use has been gained through research and clinical experience. In the past, application in the home environment has been limited due to lack of equipment and the inability of unskilled parents/caregivers to appropriately monitor response to treatments.

The Motion Table was designed to provide pure linear vestibular stimulation. Itsâ versatility has shown to be effective in the use of this device for a variety of conditions. Individuals can use this piece of equipment during active or passive treatment sessions. A variety of positions can be assumed while on the table. The linear movement and ease of modulation of use minimizes the aversive reactions sometimes experienced with vestibular stimulation.

The flat, broad surface enables active participation by the individual being treated on the table. Prolonged therapeutic positioning combined with vestibular stimulation can be accomplished. Stimulation for integrated movement can be obtained during treatment sessions with and without direct contact of a therapist or other adult. Vestibular stimulation can be provided for longer periods of time, which is rudimentary in effective intervention with this treatment approach.

Clinical observations have been positive for individuals who have had the opportunity to use The Motion Table; aversive reactions have been minimal. Functional outcomes have been meaningful, practical, and sustained. Anecdotal support verifies the long-term benefits with use of this equipment.

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