See a Creepster Crawler Video Demonstration

Watch as Phoenix pediatric physical therapist Barbara Womack uses the Creepster Crawler to help her patient develop mobility skills and strength.

To view this video you will need at least a 56 kilobit per second modem connection and RealNetworks RealOne Player (a free download). If you don't have the RealOne Player, you can download it here.

If you use America Online  you do not need RealOne Player. You will be able to view the demonstration in the AOL Media Player. Please note that this applies only to Version 6.0. Users of AOL 5.0 or earlier versions must have RealPlayer loaded to view the demonstration.

Do you have a low-speed connection (i.e., 56k modem)? Click here for the low-bandwidth version. Do you have a high-speed connection (i.e., cable, DSL, corporate LAN, ISDN, etc.)? If so, Click here for higher-quality video.

If you are unable to view the demonstration online, please contact us at and let us know. We'll be glad to send you a CD containing the video as well as the RealPlayer software for in Windows and Macintosh formats.

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